Current Date:19 September, 2021

WordPress 5.3 not updating

Are you having trouble upadting WordPress to version 5.3? Is WordPress 5.3 not updating? Are you getting the white screen of death? Are you seeing an error saying “Another update is in progress?” Then you have come to the right place. I’ll walk you though the quick and easy way to solve the WordPress 5.3 not updating problem.

I recently had a problem with one of my WordPress websites where it wouldn’t update to WordPress 5.3 using the WordPress updater in WP-Admin. No matter what I tried, it wouldn’t ever update. I tried a few times and each time the updater would get stuck on a blank page. I tried increasing the max_execution time, increasing php memory limit and various other things without any success. I then thought of checking cPanel to rejog my memory as to whether I installed WordPress initially using the manual method or the cPanel Installatron installer which turned out to be the latter.

How to get the WordPress 5.3 update working

The solution is to update WordPress via cPanel using Installatron.

  1. Login to your site’s CPANEL
  2. Scroll down to WEB APPLCIATIONS
  3. Click on WORDPRESS
  1. Select the BACKUP option
  2. Click on the red UPGRADE button
  3. Installatron will backup your wordpress site before it updates it

Give Installatron about five minutes and your WordPress site will update to 5.3


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