Current Date:17 September, 2021

How to update HassOS for Home Assistant

HassOS 3 has been released in time for Christmas. This new OS has been udpated to support the new Raspberry Pi 4.

The following is a summary of the changes made to version HassOS 3:

  • Official RPi4 support
  • Linux LT 4.19
  • Buildroot LT 2019
  • USB-boot capabilities for the RPi3
  • SMS integrations with USB/GSM modem
  • Qemu Agent support
  • Optimized kernel for virtual appliances
  • Improved automatic disk expansion
  • Initial foundation for offloading the data partition


To update to HassOS 3 perform the following steps:

  1. Clik on Hass.IO from the left menu bar
  2. Click on SYSTEM
  3. Under the HOST SYSTEM box, there should be an UPDATE button, if not, click on RELOAD and then you should see the UPDATE button on the right.
  4. Give it a few minutes, the rasperberry pi will reboot and apply the update.

Go back to the Hass.IO menu and then to SYSTEM and you should see the version has changed.

To read more about the update, visit the Official Home Assistant HassOS 3 announcement.


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