Current Date:17 June, 2021

How to Setup SimHub Dashboards

If you’re a fan of sim racing and want to give yourself the edge by using Simhub Dashboards or just want to show off to your friends, SimHub is for you. Simhub Dashboard has a lot of features for DIY racing sim projects. One of my favourite features of SimHub is the customisable dashboards option. I’m going to show you how to turn an old iPad, tablet, laptop or phone into the ultimate sim racing dashboard using SimHub.

Let’s get to it.

Download SimHub

Download and install copy of SimHub from here:

It is a free project however I highly recommend paying the small fee to unlock the full version.

Setting up a game to use with SimHub

Setup of SimHub dashboards is super simple, we’ll have a working dash in a couple of steps. Most games will work straight away, however some will need additional configurations. Each game that requires additional settings will display the following message in the top right hand corner of SimHub:

An example of the setup instructions for Project Cars 2:

Configure SimHub for a Laptop

  1. Navigate to Dash Studio
  2. Click on Open in Browser
  1. Select a dash that you want to use
  2. Launch the game and away you go

Configure SimHub for a Phone or Tablet

  1. Navigate to Dash Studio
  2. Click on Open in phone or tablet
  1. You’ll be presented with the following screen where you can either browse to the URL from your device or scan the QR code on a compatible device to open the same webpage.
Start Sim Hub Dashboard
  1. Select a dash that you want to use
  2. Launch the game and away you go

My personal favourite is the Mobile Dashboard with Relative timings. You can however, customise any dash to your liking by using the built-in dashboard editor.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have SimHub running in the background on your computer for the dashboards to work.

You can even use Sim Hub to launch your favourite game on PC from the dashboard by using the “Start” button once you’ve launched the dashboard.

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