Current Date:23 October, 2021

How to factory reset an Intermec/Honeywell CK65 Dolphin Android Scanner

Before we get started factory resetting the Intermec/Honeywell CK65 scanner, familiarise yourself where the Power, Green and Orange buttons are located as they will be used to reset the Intermec CK65 Android scanner back to factory settings.

Power button
Green Button
Orange Button
  1. Hold down the POWER button
  2. Tap RESTART on the screen
  3. As soon as the Intermec Splash screen is displayed, press the POWER + GREEN BUTTON
  1. You should see the following screen
  1. Press the Green button 2 times until you see “FULL FACTORY RESET”

If you make a mistake you can press the Orange button to go back or Green button to go forward in the menu options. Press them until you get back to “Full Factory Reset”

  1. Press the POWER button to imitate the full factory reset.

The Intermec CK65 scanner will restart and factory reset itself to its out of the box settings, ready to reconfigure/reuse.


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