Current Date:17 September, 2021

How to clean boot/factory reset Intermec Honeywell CK3X scanners

Honeywell Intermec CK3X Scanner

In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to clean boot or factory reset your Intermec Honeywell CK3X scanners. If you run into a problem or your applcation install has gone wrong, you can reset your CK3X back to factory default settings using the following steps:

WARNING: The following steps will erase the memory, apps and data on the CK3X scanner.

Before we get started, locate the YELLOW POWER BUTTON on the top left of the CK3X’s keypad. You’ll need to hold this button down when powering it on to erase the device.

You’ll also need to locate the RESET button, located in the battery bay on the back of the CK3X scanner.

Intermec Honeywell CK3X reset button

Intermec Honeywell CK3X reset procedure

  1. Pull the battery out
  2. In the battery compartment, hold down the RESET button for two to five seconds
  3. Insert the battery
  4. Quickly hold down the POWER button
  5. Press 1
  6. Press 2
  7. Press 1
  8. Press 2
  9. The scanner will reboot and clean boot/factory reset itself.

Your scanner will now wipe itself clean and after about five minutes, you’ll have factory resetted your Intermec Honeywell CK3X scanner.


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