Current Date:17 September, 2021

How to add CUSTOMIZE.YAML to your Home Assistant configuration to rename devices

If you’re having trouble trying to rename device, sensors or components in Home Assistant you’ll need to setup your Home Assistant configuration with a customise.yaml file. I’ll take you through the process to get setup to be able to rename your devices or sensors easily.

To rename your devices in Home Assistant, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to CONFIGURATOR
  2. In your CONFIG folder create a customize.yaml file
  3. Leave the file blank
  4. Go back to your CONFIGURATION.YAML file and add the following to it:
  customize: !include customize.yaml
  1. Restart HASS

Renaming sensors and devices in Home Assistant

We can now use the CUSTOMIZATION settings to overwrite names of sensors and devices.

  2. Select a device you want to rename
  3. Change the name of it and SAVE
  4. You will now see the changes in your OVERVIEW page
Customization in Home Assistant

Example of renaming sensors

For an example of how to rename a device and sensor in Home Assistant, see this article.

Extra Configuration Options

To read more about customising or renaming devices in Home Assistant, see the CUSTOMIZING ENTITIES DOCUMENTATION


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