Current Date:21 October, 2021

50% off iRacing memberships for Black Friday 2019

iRacing is currently having a 50% off sale on new and renewal memberships for Black Friday 2019. The iRacing memberships rarely go on special or have any discounts. For those that are not aware, iRacing is a racing simulator where real people race against each other online. Racers are rated on their cleanliness, sportsmanship and driving and are rated. Racers with similar rating are matched. iRacing racers are also able to progress through the ranks of different classes which are based on ability. Although the graphics aren’t cutting edge, iRacing is known for its unmatched realism. With these Black Friday deals, now is the time to try it out.


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25% Off iRacing Membership Renewals

12-month iRacing Renewal only $82.50USD (regular price of $110USD)

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24-Month iRacing Renewal only $149.25USD (regular price of $199USD)

24 months (two years): PR25OFF242019EARLY

For more information on the promotion see

50% Off New iRacing Memberships

50% off New iRacing Memberships: <strong>PR25OFF122019EARLY</strong>

You can signup here: or use my refferal code to get $10 of iRacing credits. The sale ends on the 5th of December 2019 so ensure you jump on it!

Once setup, you will want to setup your own SimHub Dashboard using a spare smart device.


This deal has expired!


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